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Day 4 of Revision

Today I have sucessfully stared into space for 2 hours, beating all previous records.
Go me!

Confessions of an English Opium Eater is no where near as exciting as I remember it.
Wuthering Heights later though :)

I am determined not to phone Jon today. Plus hes got a mate over, so shall not disturb him.
I will NOT disturb him....

Ah well...Back to the wall.



Communal living...yay! >:(

Oct. 4th, 2008

Im fed up of being on my own now.
I hate this place.


Okay...I know its been years since I last updated. Ive had a good excuse though.

MehCollapse )


Whine. Again.

I am NOT having a good day.

RANTCollapse )
Argh. Im gonna go watch daytime tv.

Back to school.

Argh! So, finally, I am going back to school tomorrow. ARGH!

I promised Catherine, so as much as I dont want to, im kinda stuck. I just know embarrasing stuffs will happen. They always do in that place. And usually to me. Due to all the crap thats involved with getting into teaching, and that ive totally run out of time, im not going to see the head* about work experiance. Instead im going to say hello to my old music teacher & English teacher, and then leave and NEVER EVER RETURN. :)

Cardiff was a success. We didnt get lost in floodwater, and I now own my very own waterproof AND stylish jacket. woo. (and maybe the boxset of Black Books)

Oh, and I like this end of the world malarky :) That explains why there were so many preacher men (DAN ASHCROOFT) in Cardiff today! HAH!


Wish me luck. :) xx

*I have just read this back, and had a mental image of the Museum of Famous Heads from Futurama. :D


Also. I dont understand why I have three cuts of the same thing.

I iz confused.

(I get to try out new av though)

Sep. 9th, 2008

Ok, I have to go all fangirl on this for a moment.

I have just discovered Darkplace :D It might just be the best, most funniest thing I have EVER seen! *cough* It has cheered me up in this week of impending doom :) And what is it about Matt Berry? Seriously, I am starting to scare myself here!

More Actual LifeCollapse )More Actual LifeCollapse )More Actual LifeCollapse )
Have a rant while you're here.

Failing career prospectsCollapse )

Despite all that shite, im in a pretty good mood :) Not thinking and dwelling is key I think. OR copious amounts of Russell Brand, The Boosh and Darkplace until im either happy again or insane :D